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Ecf 13
Official PPV Replay

* Available in United States
* Replay starts on Feb 4 10:45 PM EST


Fight Card:
Jay Mark vs. TBA
Majhub Mirhrabi vs. TBA
Alex Santiago vs. TBA
Tom Picciano vs. TBA
Mike Kelly vs. TBA
Tony Loco Soto vs. TBA
Carlos Rodriguez vs. TBA
Daniel Cheung vs. TBA
ylle McMillan vs. TBA
Ken Pizzi vs. TBA
Macho Lopez vs. TBA
Ronnie Rodriguez vs. TBA
Kevin Mitchell vs. TBA
Marcus Comodo vs. TBA
Matteo Martinez vs. TBA
Alex Nemeth vs. TBA
Anthony Newton vs. TBA
George Melendez vs. TBA
Ken Sweeny vs. TBA
Andy Jimenez vs. TBA
Gabriel Souza vs. TBA

Poster and Selected Action

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