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Chris Harris vs Jake Lindsey
Official PPV Replay

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    Evolution Fighting Championship -
  • Venue
    Kansas Star Arena, 777 Kansas Star Drive
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*Unlimited replay included


Professional card:
Chris Harris vs Jake Lindsey
Marcio Navarro vs. Kevin Brown
Jessica Middleton vs. Julie Murray
Steven Nguyen vs. Chris Barnes
LJ Hermerck vs. Arturo Roman

Amateur Card:
Chris Turner vs. Justin Henry
Tim Grammon vs. Javontez Phillips
Ashley Kelty vs. Aranda Dass
Clifford Easiley vs. Lakaine Williams
Kyle Monk vs AJ Branch
Joe Coleman vs. Sunny Dass
Shawn Moffett vs. Hunter Proctort
Cara McKissick vs. TBA
Justyn Martinez vs. Tyron Trough


Poster and Selected Action

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