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Extreme Takeover Thursday Rewind, Episode 1
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On this episode of Extreme Takeover Thursday, we present to you EXTREME TAKEOVER THURSDAY REWIND. A special look at 3 matches we thought the ARW Nation would enjoy.

First up, we look back at Episode #16 and the debut of the most dangerous superstar on the roster in the Insane Inmate, Deathrow Jethro as he took on "Tha NuYorican" D. Ramos in what was a hard hitting match. Was Jethro able to over come Ramos or did Ramos prove to everyone "what da bizzness iz"?

Next, we prove we are the land of Extreme as we travel back to 2019 for a match that took place for the ARW Bombshells Championship. BUT, it was not ordinary match, it was an Orlando Street fight between "The Undead Bride", Su Yung taking on then Champion, the "mysterious and malicious" Destiny. This one literally almost hit the streets of Orlando and had moments that will take your breath away. Was Su able to prove she is "street"wise or did Destiny prove once again why she is described as malicious?

Finally, a special look at a more recent episode of Extreme Takeover Thursday. In what can only be describe as the most chilling match in all of professional wrestling, the casket match, challenger Gangrel got a chance at the top prize in the company as he challenged "The Reverend Of Sin" Ryzin. This match has potential Match Of The Year written all over. Was Gangrel able to secure the win or did Ryzin drive the stake of defeat through Gangrel and close the casket lid???

Find out this Thursday at 8pm ET as we present EXTREME TAKEOVER THURSDAY REWIND right here on FITE!

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