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F2W 218 Nashville, TN
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Clay Mayfield VS Jeovany Ortiz
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Fight Card

Clay Mayfield 32 Jeovany Ortiz
Gabriel Rial 31 Cameron Brocklehurst
Emilio Hernandez 30 Sean Joseph
Andrew Hansen 29 Kenny Cross
Jaysen Baker 28 Ethan Fromme
Joseph Torres 27 Max Stiers
Breck Still 26 Jerry Burns
Michelin Villalobos 25 Kenny Vanderpool
Thompson Cole Stickler 24 Dalton Dixon
Jack Reynolds 23 Mauricio dos Santos Silva
Efraim Zeferino Rodriguez 22 Marco Fuentes Ramos
Jacirah Clay 21 Riley Grace Strickland
SIlas Johns 20 Asher Giroux
Kyle Frazier 19 Joshua Allen Maynor
Ryan Eckels 18 William Charles Kelley
Travis Israel 17 Bart Valle
Gerald Robinson 16 Moises Carrasco-Osuna
Douglas Cook 15 Alexander Joss
Frank Pontrelli 14 Andy Kiper
Madison Harper 13 Samm Parker
Trenton Bragg 12 Tanner Faivre
Matthew Schwartz 11 Bryce Lamb
Joshua Higgs 10 John Schwindt
Isabelle Butts 9 Lauren Mcadam
Blake Dodd 8 Joao Nascimento
Giovanni Melchiorre 7 Blake Brown
Blake Grant 6 Jackson Whitlow
Ali Bryant 5 Kimberlee Reyes
Isaiah Casey 4 Bryce Cooper
Liam Camp 3 Matthew Leiby
Jillian Ryder 2 Madison Master
Christian Young 1 Murtatha Alwan


On January 20th F2W 218 is live on FITE+ straight from Nashville, TN. The fight card is already announced and has well over 33 matches, you can check all of them below: (the start times are local (CST))

6:00pm - 7:10pm ET - Matches 1 to 10
7:10pm - 8:25pm ET - Matches 11 to 20
8:25pm - 9:43pm ET - Matches 21 to 30
9:43pm - 9:59pm ET - Matches 31 to 33

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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