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Fusion Fight League
Ben Hollier vs Hunter Azure
Official Replay

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Ben Hollier VS Hunter Azure
"The Lion"    
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5'6" Height 5'8"
United States Country United States
  47% Votes 53%  
Tryston Hutchinson VS Taha Bendaoud
    "The Atlas Lion"
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United States Country Canada
  13% Votes 87%  

Fight Card

Ben Hollier 8 Hunter Azure
"The Lion"  
Tryston Hutchinson 7 Taha Bendaoud
  "The Atlas Lion"
Joey Wilkinson 6 Sterling Ritch
Raymond Lawley 5 Bryce Nowak
Nate Laganse 4 Conall Powers
Reese Bandurraga 3 Hudson Kettengring
Maddie Moorhead 2 Julissa Mendez
Tyler O'Donnell 1 Matthew Beasley


On October 15th Fusion Fight League is live on FITE straight from Ford Idaho Center in Nampa, ID. The fight card has well over 8 matches and will have Ben Hollier vs Hunter Azure in a 135lbs division fight as main event of the evening.

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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