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Fight Card Entertainment
Takeover 2019
Official PPV Replay

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    Joe's Live, Chicago, IL, United States
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* Available in the United States
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Fight Card:

15. Main Event Bantamweight Title Bout 135 lbs 5 x 3 Minute Rounds
Nick Aguirre vs Matt Quigley

14. Super-Welterweight Bout: 175 lbs
Nevin Forstrom vs Tyler Jones

13. Bantamweight Bout: 135 lbs
Datrelle Kozeluh vs Ronny Hauser

12. Lightweight Bout: 155 lbs
Franco Martinez vs Max Erban

11. 125 lbs Muay Thai Bout No Head Gear
Breanna Kaufman vs Asil Aldarawsheh

10. Middleweight Bout: 185 lbs
Adrian Cardenas vs Youness El Majdoub

9. Heavyweight Bout: 265 lbs
Gordon Smith vs Nick Williams

8. 185 lbs Muay Thai Bout No Headgear
Jessy Perez vs Nikola Koprivica

7. Catchweight Bout: 150 lbs
Max Perez vs Amin Szymaniak

6. Lightweight Bout: 155 lbs
Shane Jackman vs Nick Hodges

5. Heavyweight Bout: 265 lbs
Marko Vukicevic vs Teddy McDonald

4. Flyweight Bout: 125 lbs
Adrian Hernandez vs Oscar Jurado

3. Flyweight Bout: 125 lbs
Alex Rego vs LaVontae Muriente

2. Bantamweight Bout: 135 lbs
Richard Napier vs Oshawn Ferrell

1. Featherweight Bout: 145 lbs
Leo Solis vs Mohammad Muzzazmil

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