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Fightbox KOK World Series in Moldova Vol. 42
Official PPV Replay

* Available in United States
* Replay starts on Dec 10 2:00 PM PST


Main Event

-77 kg: Piotr Woznicki (Poland) vs. Serghei Morari (Moldova)
-95 kg: Danut Hurduc (Romania) vs. Pavel Voronin (Moldova)
-71 kg: Artur Zakirka (Romania) vs. Alexander Prepelita (Moldova)
-84 kg: Bogdan Nastase (Romania) vs. Nicolai Caraus (Moldova)
-77 kg: Iurii Besmertny (Belarus) vs. Denis Apavalaoie (Moldova)
-51 kg: Debora Vacirca (Italy) vs. Nadejda Cantzir (Moldova)

Poster and Selected Action

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