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Fight Night Global / GTC
Enomoto vs Kopylov
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


10) 83.9 kg 5x5 Title fight Yasubey Enomoto (Switzerland) - Roman Kopylov (Russia)
9) +93.0 kg 3х5 Baga Agaev (Russia) - Anatoliy Malykhin (Russia)
8) 65,8 kg 3x5 Alexander Yanyshev (Russia) - Armen Gulyan (Russia)
7) 61.2 kg 3x5 Magomedali Bakhmudov (Russia) - Armen Gulyan (Russia)
6) 77.1 kg 3x5 Alexei Martynov (Russia) - Kirill Kryukov (Russia)
5) 70.3 kg 3x5 Vasily Palyok (Russia) - Gusein Gadzhiev (Russia)
4) 65.8 kg 3x5 Oleg Belozerov (Russia) - Rasul Magomedov (Russia)
3) 75.0 kg 3x5 Arsen Batyrov (Russia) - Ruslan Tedeev (Russia)
2) 83.9 kg 3x5 Ramazan Gamzatov (Russia) - Maxim Mikhteev (Russia)
1) 77.1 kg 3x5Denis Dzhivovsky (Russia) - Maor Maasiyaev (Russia)

Poster and Selected Action

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