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Frontline Battle with Tyson and Jones Jr.
Episode 11
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"Iron Mike"
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Frontline Battle with Tyson and Jones Jr.: Episode 11 is an intimate look behind the scenes with boxing champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Watch the intense physical and mental preparation they undergo in preparation for their highly anticipated battle on Saturday, November 28th.

Below are the highlights of Episode 11:

Mike Tyson: Happiness for me? - Dying. I don't live life too good. I don't do well in this world. I lose a lot... in life.
Mike Tyson: There's only a handful of guys that could lose 100 pounds and fight for the Championship, Roberto Duran, Muhammad Ali, Jim Jefferies, and me! Ain't nobody losing 100 pounds, 90 pounds and gonna come back in the ring at their best. You won't be able to spar after losing that weight that fast. I like to think Aries, the God of war and destiny had a baby. The baby from war and destiny had a baby with fate - and that's me!

Richie Palmer: I always say, I've been to Ali fights, I've been to Ray Leonard fights, nothing like Mike Tyson fight.
Tom Patti: Remember I told you this morning? The energy in the air.. You feel it. You are getting in the ring with Roy Jones. What are you expecting? What do you anticipate, Roy bringing, He is a champion.. skill, speed all the tools? What do you think about this fight coming up?
Mike Tyson: In my opinion I think the ferocity that I'm going to bring in this particular event, I think it's just gonna deplete him, going to override everything that he plans on using in the ring.
Richie Palmer: I'm gonna quote Mike Tyson "Everybody's got a plan until I punch them in the face"
Tom Patti: You are ready to lay it on the line. You are ready to step in that ring.. Why..? To entertain..? please..? Is it something internal? What's going through your mind to step into the ring and risk that?
Mike Tyson: This is who I am!

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