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Gatoh Move Experience, Episode 10
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Coming from Tokyo, Japan, The Smallest Wrestling Company in The World'
Presents to you The Gatoh Move Experience

There's No Ring, No Ropes and No boundaries between the fans and the Wrestlers.
It's a wrestling Experience that you haven't had yet, please watch & enjoy.

The First Match
Nic & Sayaka Obihiro vs Saki & Tamura

This match is a nice combination of people with connections as Obi Chan and Saki are really good friends and are wrestling each other after a long time due to Obi Chan's injuries. On the other hand, Nic is an aspiring wrestler from Singapore and is training in japan under Heat Up Dojo of Tamura, which makes it a big trial for him, see all this unfold in this match.
PS. Obi Chan is being an Oni (Oni = demon) coz it's the Oni festival in Japan.

2nd Match
Yuna Mizumori vs Baliyan Akki

Two Young and hungry Akki and Yunamon are going at each other for the first time, a struggle for the future is happening in this spirited match between them.

Main Event
Emi Sakura & Mitsuru Konno vs Cheery & Mei Suruga
Mitsuru and Emi make better opponents and here we will see if they make even better partners. On the other hand, Cheery might be having a bad influence on the young and impressionable Mei Chan.

Poster and Selected Action

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