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Gatoh Move Experience, Episode 15
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The First Match
TropicaWild Yuna MIzumori & SAKI vs Makoto and Anchum
Before their Title match on the Shinkiba 1st Ring Show, Makoto Takes on The TropicaWild,
the outcome will affect the Title Match greatly so it's one to watch.

2nd Match
Antonio Honda vs Mei Suruga
Mei Suruga and Antonia Honda are a regular Tag Team in Gatoh Move called 'Apple and
Honey'. The Apple is Mei Chan and Honey is Antonio Honda. These two will go face to face
and fight while being friends.

Main Event
Emi Sakura, Masa Takanashi & Andrew Tang vs Baki, Konno Mitsuru and Baliyan Akki
An International Battle in chocolate Square, with Participants from India, Singapore,
Thailand and of course Japan. 6 man mix tag in a very Gatoh Move fashion.

Poster and Selected Action

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