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Gold Rush
Christian Schembri vs Ignazio Crivello
Official PPV Live Stream

* Available in United States
* Included unlimited replays


On March 6th Gold Rush presents Christian Schembri vs Ignazio Crivello live on FITE straight from InterContinental Malta. The fight card has well over 9 matches and will have Christian 'Coqqos' Schembri and Ignazio Crivello finishing the entire lineup with a fireworks.

You can check the full fight card below:

Main Event
Christian 'Coqqos' Schembri vs Ignazio Crivello

Vincenzo Calandra vs Michael Carter
Theon Camilleri vs Giusto Durante
Sonia De Biase vs Evelin Tatiana

Romain 'The Tank' Amengual vs Ignazio Di Bella
Tyrone Cutajar vs Sisqo 'Bazooka' Yussif
Gautier Amengual vs Owen Bugeja

Shannon Tonna vs Giovanna Cardonna
Foaud Wakil vs Jean Claud Miffsud

Watch Gold Rush: Schembri vs Crivello right here on FITE!

*fight card subject to change


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