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GPG 27 Gladiator Series 3
Official PPV Replay

* Available in United States
* Replay starts on Dec 19 6:00 PM EST


With Three Championships fights and one numbers one contender heavy weight bout along with a full card of Pro Fights you will
be entertained from the first bell. We will sell you the entire seat, But you will only need the Edge!
Lorenzo Hood vs. J.A Dudley
Dashawn Boatwright vs. Eric Ellerbee
Billy Giovanella vs. Alexander Keshtov
TBD vs. Joshua Key
Ashton Nemdhari vs. Gary Sheppard
Brandon Phillips vs. Vadim Ogar
Michael Lawrence vs. Sambet Naimanbayev
Clifton Davis vs. Hugh McKenna
TBD vs. Tim Dooling

Poster and Selected Action

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