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GrappleFest 11
Daisy Fresh vs Europe
Official Replay

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Dante Leon VS Mateusz Szczecinski
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Kendall Reusing VS Ffion Davies
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Fight Card

Dante Leon 32 Mateusz Szczecinski
Kendall Reusing 31 Ffion Davies
Mikey Musemeci 30 Kev Corkhill
John Hansen 29 Jamie Hughes
Matty Holmes 28 Brad Schneider
Jacob Couch 27 Santeri Lilius
"The Hillbilly Hammer"  
Jorge Valladares 26 Jack Tyley
Owen Livesey 25 Paul Lukowski
Chris Hayes 24 Tommy Yip
Nadine Tavares 23 Simone Caffrey
Ben Hills 22 Des Parker
Harry McKnight 21 Reece Doran
Ciaran Brohan 20 Jay Butler
Rosa Walsh 19 Marina Mavrou
Shane Curtis 18 Jeremy Pare
Kris Leeson 17 George McManus
Joshua Robertson 16 Jack Brown
Micheal Pixley 15 Shay Smith
Aidan Woodley 14 Philippe Geyer
Jack Grant 13 Dave Weston
Andrew Hardwick 12 Amadeusz Arczewski
Josh Cherrington 11 Jack Levack
Lewis Ridley 10 Ryan Graham
Stefan Biddles 9 Evan Reid
Hannah Garrett 8 Hayley Valentine
Owen Phillips-Jones 7 Jacob Brooks
Josh Taylor 6 Johnny Dash
Vinny James 5 Aman Alim
Tad Cravens 4 Sam Barker
Mark Wynne 3 Ashley Wagg
Ellie Wright 2 Jaimie Middleton
Jared Shafer 1 Jack Hassard


GrapleFest has arrived on FITE!

On February 26th GrappleFest 11 is live on FITE featuring a full card of submission grappling when the World Famous Daisy Fresh squad make their first outing as a team outside of the United States to take on the best grapplers Europe has to offer and 3 Championship belts on the line - in the main event when Dante Leon takes on Mateusz Szczecinski for the u80kg strap, in the co-main event where Ffion Davies faces off Kendall Reusing for the female Open Weight title and for the Open weight belt John Hansen fights against Jamie Hughes. Special featured bout is the fight between the 5 time World Champion Mikey Musemeci who takes on local phenom Kevin Corkhill.

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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