Hard Fighting Championship - HFC 8


Hard Fighting Championship - HFC 8


Grand Casino Basel partners with first class MMA Hard Fighting Championship (HFC) at the Metro of the Grand Casino in Basel.
Watch some of the best Swiss fighters confront opponents from all over France during these 16 high-level MMA fights.

01 ABCHIR Karim Bushido academie SALIMI Ramzi FKA -93 Kg Am 2x4 min
02 GUEMROUD Lyes Platinium BECKA Pascal Legionaris team -65 Kg Am 2x4 min
03 FERREIRA Cyndi Platinium WAHL Silje Sharp borgchi -65 Kg Am 2x4 min
04 FOUCAULT Yohan Platinium JACQUES Andres Old dog team -72 Kg Am 2x4 min
05 SEYE Abdoulaye Mamour fall 100 KINGUE Cyril Platinium -84 Kg Am 2x4 min
06 YAHO Kuffes Wery academie HOFFKEN John Platinum -77 Kg Am 2x4 min
07 TAIRI Souhil FKA CAMARA Oumar Team shin budo -77 Kg Pro 3x5 min
08 KARP David Fightness club ROP Thibault Kameoss fighting -77 Kg Pro 3x5 min
09 IRMAK Ulas Old dog team POITEVIN Benoit FKA -66 Kg Pro 3x5 min
10 SCHUPP Jerome Dynamite center SOYER Geoffrey Dynamite center -66 Kg Pro 3x5 min
11 GIACALONE Maxime FKA HERGOTT Gerard Legionaris -70 Kg Pro 3x5 min
12 BENZHA Kim Batthing club GALLINARO Fabien FKA


Bell Time

Apr 15, 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT




Lifetime replay included



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