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Hoosier Fight Club 38
Andrew Kapel vs Tyler Hufnagle
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  • Channel
    Hoosier Fight Club 
  • Venue
    Blue Chip Casino Hotel Spa, Michigan City, IN, United States
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Andrew Kapel vs. Tyler Hufnagle 185 lbs
Payton Brezinski vs. Oscar Hernandez 125 lbs
Gabriel Mota vs. Michael Robinson 195 lbs
Zach Bartelhiem vs. James Dunn 135 lbs
Devin Laseter vs. Lance Wright 185 lbs
Jordan Downey vs. Nick Wayne 145 lbs
Zachary Vaci vs. Rico Robinson 135 lbs
CJay Hunter vs. Vladimir Cerbadji 145 lbs
Schuyler Lindsay vs. Bradley Glover 150 lbs
Michael Russell vs. Carlos Hernandez 125 lbs
Alan Baum vs. Beau Samaniego 155 lbs
Emanuel Pugh vs. Alberto Rodriguez 145 lbs
Datrelle Kozeluh vs. Jay Edwards 135 lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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