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Ice Wars
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Kick off Ice Wars with a PreShow!
Ice Wars is on the horizon and what better way to get you started? Tune in on May 21st and get a feel for the big night ahead!


  • May 18, 2022

    The new combat sport everyone secretly wanted – prize fighting on ice – arrives Saturday, May 21st; Get ready with a special encore of the 2006 Hockey Enforcers event that inspired Ice Wars, and a new episode of FITE in Focus Edmonton (May 18, 2022)--Edmonton (May 18, 2022): FITE and Hockey Enforcers USA is ready to bring a new kind of action to combat sports – Ice Wars – letting hockey stars test their skills as all-out fighters. Catch the 8-man "King of the Rink" tournament action with FITE's live …

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Poster and Selected Action

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