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Threat Level Midnight - How the Turntables
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International Wrestling Cartel presents, Threat Level MidnightI: How the Turntables, from the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa. After the chaotic ending to last month's event, the landscape has been significantly altered for several of the IWC Championships.

The Man Dime Elijah Dean came out of IWC Aftershock as the new Heavyweight Champion, after cashing in on a prone Bill Collier, who had just gone through war and beaten former champ Bulk Nasty. This month Dean, Zach Nystrom and Derek Dillinger, take on John McChesney, Jack Pollock and Anthony Young (Team Big League). The consequences are high, as both the Heavyweight title and Dillinger's Super Indy title are in play. If any member of Team Big League pins either Man Dime or Dillinger, that lone man will become either the new Heavyweight or Super Indy Champion!!

Last month, the Lebanon Don made claims to the IWC Tag Team Championship. His declaration has been disputed by IWC management. Even with the uncertainty of the legitimacy of Don's claims, he and Tito Oric will be in action, "defending" the hardware that they currently possess. Can the Rad Boyz find a way to bring some clarity to the current state of these Championships?

IWC Women's Champion, Ashley D'Amboise, makes her return to Elizabeth, when she defends her title against the "Queen of the Silver Screen" Katie Arquette. This will not be the first time that these two have met, but it will be the first time, in a singles match, with the Women's Championship on the line.

Another Championship will be defended, on July 18th, in the form of the High Stakes title. As has been the case, for show after show, Champion, Apollo Alexander has accepted challenges and stipulations from all comers. This time Apollo with face, possibly his toughest opponent yet, when he stands across the ring from the "King of the One Night Stand", the G.O.A.T., Jock Sampson. What stipulation will Apollo decide on, and how will it play into his strengths or possible weaknesses?

As was the case, last month, Andrew Palace will attempt to have some FUN, as he faces another challenger, of Katie Arquette's choosing. Katie's connections, from outside the Pittsburgh area, will again provide the opponent. This time, NWA competitor, Rush Freeman will be standing in Palace's path, as he continues on his road to redemption.

Also in action, Jaxon Argos has issued an Open Challenge to any member of Brotherly Love. Which whiz kid will answer the call??!!

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