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Know Your Enemies 2023
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
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On September 16th IWS returns to the legendary Bain Mathieu for Know Your Enemies 2023!

Heavyweight Champion Benjamin Tull has run rough shot over the division, and has laid out the challenge to anyone who thinks they can step up. Karl Jepson fresh off a victory over 3 other contenders has answered the call, and these two behemoths are ready to tear each other apart LIVE on FITE+

We have a new IWS Women's champion in Katrina Creed, after she defeated former champ Melanie Havok, ending her year long streak. After her victory last show, she was joined by her friend Dani Leo, who quickly attacked her during the celebration and held the title over the laid out new champ. The score will be settled on the 16th between former friends, now bitter enemies.

Casanova Productions did what they said they'd do, dethrone the Green Phantom as IWS Canadian Champion after a historic two year reign. New champ Matt Viviani, now declared as "The Prime Minister of IWS" will defend his championship against anyone who thinks they can take away his title. He won't be alone though, as his long time tag team partner JT Producer will be ring side supporting his fellow Casanova Productions member.

The hard hitting Ben Ortmanns is back and looking for a fight. Who better to square up against him than the scrapper himself, James Stone! This one is gonna be a brawl that you won't want to miss!

Also featuring Sexxxy Eddy, Bob The Animal Anger, Melanie Havok, Steven Mainz, Sonny Solay, Nathan Yarymowitch, Dynasty, Alex Maze, and so many more!

*lineup subject to change!

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