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The Jon Fitch Knows Nothing Podcast, June 7th
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The Jon Fitch Knows Nothing Podcast, June 7th
Tune into the Jon Fitch Knows Nothing Podcast to hear about MMA fight updates, training techniques, controversial topics and interviews with special guests. The weak need not apply.


  • June 2, 2020

    The Jon Fitch Knows Nothing video podcast is a live weekly show helmed by one of the best welterweight world champion fighters in MMA, Jon Fitch. His show is currently available via Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and Podbean. On Sunday, May 31st, the show's global carriage will include the multi-device friendly FITE platform. The live show will be available free to FITE viewers – every Sunday night at 7pm PT/10pm ET. Fitch, a former NCAA Wrestler, rose through the MMA ranks with an impressive 32 professional wins including a PFL welterweight …

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