Kaiju Big Battel - Dallas

Bell Time

Apr 2, 12:55AM ET/Apr 1, 9:55PM PT




Replay starts on Apr 2 10:55 AM EDT


Pro Wrestling


WWNLive 4.6

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- Main Event 1: Fighto for the Southern Division Championship Belt, Paco Plantain vs Hell Monkey to find out who will be the first ever Souther Division Champ

- Main Event 2: Classified by the NSA ?

- Main Event 3: Triplicity Team Title, 2 teams of 3 will dial it up to 11 to capture this belt. RoBox will decide in the coming weeks on the line up.

- Main Event 4: Arm Wrestling Championship Match, Dusto Bunny defends his title against Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder

- Main Event 5: The People's Choice Championship Cup, Kaiju fans decide with their votes who will be the peoples champ. Contestants will be announced one week before the show.

- The Main Main Event 6: Triple Action Faction match for the Kaiju Grand


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