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King Carlos Boxing
King Carlos Molina vs Juan Carlos Raygoza
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Carlos Molina
Juan Carlos Raygoza
Carlos Molina VS Juan Carlos Raygoza
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Brandon Glanton VS Guillermo Reyes Dominguez
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Fight Card

Carlos Molina 6 Juan Carlos Raygoza
Brandon Glanton 5 Guillermo Reyes Dominguez
Aurelio Hernandez 4 Jesse Flores Rangel
Glenn Hagler Jr 3 Placido Perez Soria
Ikram Kerwart 2 Joselyn Morales Torres
Daniel Salazar Carrillo 1 Vieri Ramon Chavez


King Carlos Promotions are coming with their next event! On November 6th King Carlos Molina vs Juan Carlos Raygoza will be live on FITE! More fights will be announced soon! Stay Tuned!

Poster and Selected Action

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