KOK World GP 2016 in Riga

Bell Time

Feb 27, 12PM ET/9AM PT




Replay available


Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Striking Arts


KOK Kickboxing 3.59

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King of Kings bursts back onto the scene in 2016 as the lightweights take center stage. Quarterfinal matches of an eight man tournament will play out as the world’s best competitors in the division will decide who is the true king of kings. Participants include Mateusz Kopiec (Poland), Ilyas Rustamov (Estonia), Jordan Pikeur (Holland), Christian Dorel (Moldova), Vyacheslav Tevinsh (Latvia), Jan Naus (Lithuania), Jordy Laret (Suriname) and Dmitri Olynyk (Ukraine). Also, in a super fight under KOK Kickboxing Rules, local fighting legend Zaur Dzavadov of Latvia will clash with Brazilian brawler Rodrigo Ferreira.


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