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Lethwei in Japan 5 Nexurise
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
  • Duration
  • Genres
    Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Traditional
  • Channel
    ILF Japan -
  • Venue
    Tokyo Dome City Hall, 1-3-61, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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*Unlimited replay included


1. (60kg) Han Thar Waddy Thar (Myanmar) Vs Makoto (Japan)
2. (100kg) Hartley Jackson (Australia) Vs YABU (Japan)
3. (65kg) Thar Thae Ta Pwint (Myanmar) Vs Pravit Aor Piriyapinyo (Thailand)
4. (70kg) Phyan Thway (Myanmar) Vs Hareruya (Japan)
5. (70kg) Yan Nain Aung (Myanmar) Vs Kohei Tokeshi (Japan)
6. (65kg) Win Tun (Myanmar) Vs Hikaru Hasumi (Japan)


Poster and Selected Action

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