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MAMBA Fight Night 6
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Mamba Fight Night 6 will be a show to attend and remember, featuring your local favorite fighters and some big names that you will be eager to see fight.

Kultar Gill vs. Anthony Ruiz 185 lbs
Lance Gibson vs Myles Merola 155 lbs
Shawna Ram vs. Kaiyana Rain 105 lbs
Simon Chahal vs. Ian Bajawa 160 lbs
Tom Theocharis vs. Ryan Moore 170 lbs
Gabriel vs. Jonathan Dubois 265 lbs
K. Gaivoronskii vs. Blake Bird 155 lbs
Radley Da Silva vs. Matty Hovorka 145 lbs
Gabriel Stockless vs Nicko Sahamis
Harkerat Niijar vs. Ezka Noah 147 lbs
Adam Fitchett vs Manraj
Arbaaz Gill vs. Aaron Lighting 155 lbs
Pola Sahota vs. Justin Allard 265 lbs
Rory Gorton vs. Elijah Twins 155 lbs
Dustin Parsons vs. Varun Sunder Rajan 125 lbs
Jake Hyrcha vs. Colton Davis 185 lbs
Kaylan Rae vs. Mani Elhefnawi 135 lbs
Tara Rae vs. Ashley Watkins 130 lbs
Guido Deangelis vs. Dale Darby 185 lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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