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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 94
Official Replay

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Fresh off one of the most controversial and shocking episodes ever, Memphis Wrestling is back with another action-packed program!

Buff Bagwell is BACK + we will finally crown new Memphis Trios Champions!

Plus, you never know what may happen on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

Here's the card for today's program...

Buff Daddy is back
Buff Bagwell returns to Memphis Wrestling and he will kick off the program! But Why is he here?

Big Jack vs Austin Lane
The Best of the Best will go head to head with one of the biggest men in the league, whom is led by Austin's ex-best friend Matt. We are sure he will be at ringside.

New Champ Speaks
Tim Bosby, aka Da Dos, is your new Memphis Wrestling Internet Champion. This week, we'll hear what he has to say about making history.

Women's Division Match
Nyxx vs Jennifer Justice w/ Martin
Nyxx might've found herself outnumbers in this match-up. Nevertheless, it's 1 on 1 for Women's Division ranking!

Main Event - Memphis Trios Tournament Finale, Triple Threat Trios Match
Nightmare Posse vs Team Wrestlecenter vs Memphis Muscle & K Toomer

After a mystery attack took Mackenzie Morgan out of the match last week, we were left without a Main Event. Well, this week it's going down regardless. Each team better be Ready.

Who goes home as new Memphis Trios Champions?

You never know what will happen on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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