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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 95
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Last week, we witnessed one of the biggest upsets in Memphis Wrestling history, when Big John Dalton pinned Mike Anthony to end the program. This week, Mike Anthony is Fuming... and promises to extract revenge.

Plus, you never know what may happen on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

Here's the card for today's program...

The Gunshow vs Storybook Prince Gaston
The GunShow opens the show and has his sights set elsewhere... Mike Anthony better get ready. The GunShow is aiming for him!

Jimmy Blaylock & Hollywood Clique
It's nearing the holiday season... and there's no telling what Jimmy Blaylock has up his sleeve. We know he's focused on the Grind City Rumble!

Tag Team Match | La Hustlers Vs Hot Shots
These 2 teams have been at each other's throats for quite some time. Today, they'll attempt to settle the score. Just beware of Justin Klein at ringside.

Main Event Challenge | Uncle vs Nephew / Family vs Family
Uncle Mikey vs Brad Skimahorn
After their blow-up a few weeks back, it's time to see if Brad Skimahorn can prove his words to be true... is he Main Event Bradley... and Mikey is Mid-Card Mikey? Today, we find out!

Mike is Here...
There's no telling what to expect out of Mike Anthony 1 week after being pinned by rookie Big John Dalton in the Memphis Trios Finals. Proceed with caution because this could get nasty.

You never know what will happen on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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