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Mikenta Fight Night 2
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On February 25th Mikenta Fight Night 2 is live on FITE! The fight card has well over 14 matches and have
Rhassan Muhareb vs Kristian Malocaj opponent as main event of the evening.

You can check the already announced card below:

Main event:
-68 kg, A class: Rhassan Muhareb vs Kristian Malocaj

-62 kg, A class: Johannes Bakke vs Sami Alkhalaf
-62 kg, A class: Oliver simonsen vs Leo Eshagi
-57 kg, B class: Yara Saleh vs Catarina Jorge

-63.5 kg, B class: Genar Hussein vs Haben Zere
-72 kg, B class: Peder Jepsen vs Ali Reza Amiri
-71 kg, B-C class: Mahmood Ugla vs Taher Taher

-73 kg C-B class class: Lukas Agapotos vs Ali Amin
-58 kg C class: Norbert Lawski vs TBA
-57 kg C-class: Rasmus vs Jacob Stenberg

-81 kg C class: Oliver Stanek vs Max Løvberg
-70 kg C-class: Ashot Ashotski vs Mikkel Wenzel
-84 kg C-class: David Hatting vs Andreas Lilliecrona
-51 kg C-class: Noor Alwan vs Laureen Kaurtez

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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