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Mikenta Fight Night, November 27th
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On November 27th Mikenta Fight Night is live on FITE! Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

9. Thai : -61.2 kg A class 5x3min Johannes Bakke DK VS Simon Santana NO
**IMC Scandinavian Title Fight

8. K1 :-71 kg B-Class class 5x2min Taher Taheri SE vs Ali Shams DE

7. Thai:-62 kg A class 3x3 min Oliver simonsen DK vs Haben Zere Land Eritrea

6. Thai:-67 kg A class 3x3 min Nikolaj Thyge Olsen DK vs Tiago Mendez NO

Break 20 Minutes

5. Thai:-72 kg B class 5x2 min Peder Jepsen DK vs Nicholas Havbring Lund SE

4. Thai:-67 kg B-Class 5x2min Daniel Medina DK vs Rahil Mohammed Abdour MAlmø SE

3. Thai:-68 kg C class 3x2 min Søren Scharnweber Granatshock DK vs Ferat Zymeri Pelle SE

2. Thai:-56 kg u/17 3x2min Aleksander Bjerrum Fight World DK vs Martin Busch NO

1. Thai:-35 kg u/15 3x2min Musa Ahmed AS Gym DK vs Fabian Francis NO

*Card Subject to Change

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