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MLW Fusion
Episode 80
Official Replay

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England's Most Dangerous Man Jimmy Havoc will creep behind the camera as executive producer for a hell-raising Major League Wrestling special.

Havoc will bring his twisted vision to television on this week's episode of MLW FUSION.

"I am willing to bleed for my art," said Havoc about his first foray into producing this project for Major League Wrestling.

The card features the debut of the legendary death match luchador Damian 666 as he unleashes carnage in a pentagram death match against Havoc and the brawling Boricua Savio Vega.

In a Tijuana Street Fight, the masked skeleton luchador El Hijo de LA Park will be out for bloodshed as he battles CONTRA Unit's Josef Samael just 3 weeks before LA Park and Jacob Fatu battle at SuperFight.

Plus: a terrorizing trios bout from Tijuana, Mexico!

But that's not all!

Will the World Tag Team Champions MJF & Richard Holliday continue to avoid a championship showdown with the Von Erichs?

Salina de la Renta is on the warpath!

An even more emboldened Austin Aries provokes Teddy Hart and more.

Tune in to MLW FUSION this week for Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse.

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