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Montreal Fight League 13
Official PPV Replay

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    Montreal Fight League -
  • Venue
    681 Rang Ste Philomène, Oka, QC J0N 1E0, Canada
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Main Event Title Fight:
Maxime Beaulieu vs David Dao - 135 lbs Title

Steven Stewart vs Gabriel Tabet - 185 lbs Title
Nathan Small vs Luke Hogg - 145 lbs Title

Zaid Sawa vs Ralph Michaud - K1 170 lbs
Jeremy LaTour vs Chris Noonan - 240 lbs
Wyatt Price vs Maxime Cote - 205 lbs
Blake Loxton vs Vince Buene - 145 lbs
Martin Trempe vs Julien Nyquill - 230 lbs

Matthew Cooper vs Arman Dousti - 145 lbs
Antonio Cappello vs William Dagenais - 145 lbs
Ryan Hollenbeck vs James Patry - 155 lbs
Austyn Lizotte vs Dean Symons - 155 lbs
Jamaal Richer vs Walid Ghomari - 155 lbs
Alex Roihman vs Jamesky Bastien - 170l lbs


Poster and Selected Action

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