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New Ohio Wrestling
Ep. 4
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"The Baddest Man Alive" Aaron Williams vs. Robby "Super" Starr
"The Dream" Daniel Winchester vs. "Agent Orange" Juice Jennings
Sherman Tank, "Sweet Dreams" Sless Taylor, & Urijah Baylor vs. "No Shame" Jimmy Shane, "The Stretcher" James Avery & "The Professional" Brandon Fields
"The White Trash Maniac" Ron Mathis vs Trik Nasty w/Ripper Blackhart
"The Handlebar Haberdasher" Marion Fontaine vs. "The Appalachian Outlaw" Jock Samson
"The Black Superman" Onyx vs. Magnum CK
"Darkstar" Matt Taylor vs. "True Grit" Bruce Grey

Poster and Selected Action

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