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NFC 152
Zac Cooper vs Walter Flores
Official PPV Replay

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Zac Cooper VS Walter Flores
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Justin Arteaga VS A'Keem Bashir
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Fight Card

Zac Cooper 16 Walter Flores
Justin Arteaga 15 A'Keem Bashir
David Wilson 14 David Davant
Titus Moore NC Jaylon McDaniel
Quincy Evans 12 Trace Harper
Earl Mckinney 11 Kameeko Hall
Xavier Horton 10 Ronald Humphrey
DK Brewer 9 James Smith
Drew Ball 8 Jovanni Butler
Antonio Walker 7 Kevin Cuevas
Blake Cash NC Jacob Howland
Austin Freeland 5 Ehsan Mirzad
Michael Harner 4 Freddy Bell
James Agee 3 Robert Kornegay
Tristian Watson 2 Cesar Garibay
Nic Dai 1 Axel Gutierrez


NFC Fighting has arrived on FITE!

On January 20th NFC 152 is live on FITE straight from Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, GA. The fight card has well over 16 matches, 3 of them are with NFC Georgia Title on the line, and will have Walter Flores vs Zac Cooper as main event of the evening, finishing the entire lineup with a bang!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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