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On August 28th NWA is live on FITE with it's first ever All Women Pay-Per-View event straight from The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta in St. Louis!

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!


  • August 25, 2021

    To celebrate the events at the Chase in St. Louis on August 27th and 28th, the National Wrestling Alliance is showing the ultimate time-travelling tribute, starring Aron Stevens, "Krusher" Kratos and May Valentine; Complete card announced St. Louis, MO (August 25, 2021)--The National Wrestling Alliance has released a newly "discovered' piece of NWA history, film footage from 1948, the year of the promotion's founding. Unearthed receipts from the era indicate the original broadcast was shot and edited by Linda Strawberry, and due to this incredible find this film clip will …

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