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NWA Powerrr, Season 11, Episode 1
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This weekend, history was made several times over as Hard Times In New Orleans rocked the Big Easy; today's edition of NWA Powerrr is sure to be the beginning of a new era in the National Wrestling Alliance!

Former NWA World Television Champion Tyrus shocked the wrestling world by defeating NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch and former champion Matt Cardona in a three way match to secure his place in wrestling history. At the top of the hour, we'll hear from the New NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion!

At Hard Times 3, Jordan Clearwater defeated AJ Cazana to become the New NWA World Television Champion, but will his celebration be short lived? We'll find out as Clearwater defends the TV Title against "Big Strong" Mims!

Odinson has been on a warpath lately, and he looks to continue his path of destruction against a debuting Ryan Davidson!

And in our main event, it's former friends, and former NWA World Tag Team Champions, turned bitter enemies; the Kratos vs Aron Stevens vendetta ends tonight... or will it? Aron Stevens has made it perfectly clear that he is no longer an active competitor; will this feud come to an end?

All of this and so much more on our season 11 Ppremiere of NWA Powerrr!

*lineup subject to change

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