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NWA Powerrr, Season 9, Episode 9
Official Replay

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This clock is ticking as NWA 74 draws near, and this week's NWA Powerrr could have Huge ramifications for our weekend in St. Louis!

Rising star De'vin Graves battles Mike Knox in a preview of NWA 74's Table Match, but after tonight, what condition will Mike Knox be in going into his match with Bully Ray?

It's the legendary athleticism of Ricky Morton vs the legendary size of one-half of the Fixers, Wrecking Ball Legursky in a catchweight exhibition match!

The "Golden Boy" Jordan Clearwater takes on the high-flying Joe Alonzo!

And in our NWA Powerrr main event, just weeks before NWA 74 where the Ten Pounds of Gold will be defended against Tyrus, respect is on the line as Pope faces the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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