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ONE Century
Part I Prelims
Free Replay

* Replays available till November 10th

Fight Card

Yuya Wakamatsu 7 Dae Hwan Kim
Sam-a Gaiyanghadao 6 Daren Rolland
Yushin Okami 5 Agilan Thani
Itsuki Hirata 4 Rika Ishige
Senzo Ikeda 3 Lito Adiwang
Phoe Thaw 2 Yoon Chang Min
Sunoto 1 Kwon Won Il


ONE Century is the biggest and grandest combat sports spectacle done to date!
You can be a part of that spectacle by watching the Prelims of ONE Century for Free here on FITE.TV!

Here you'll be able to watch the Prelims of ONE Century: Part I and get a taste for the grand event to come!

Note: If you decide to purchase and watch the main event, your purchase will unlock both Part I & Part II of ONE Century automatically!

Poster and Selected Action

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