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OVW Live #1215
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It's time for OVW's yearly Gobble-Knocker! It's time for Thanksgiving Thunder sponsored by Dan O's Seasoning!

Shera is set to challenge Ca$hflo for the OVW Heavyweight Championship! Can the "Indian Lion" find his way back to the top of the mountain?

Weeks ago Shalonce Royal defeated Leila Grey for the OVW Women's Championship and crowned herself "Queen of OVW". Now the "Unstoppable Danger" is back to reclaim her throne, is Grey going to be Royal's swansong?

For Months the rivalry between Tony Gunn and Jessie Godderz has festered and now it is at a boiling point! What will happen when the Arkansas Roughneck has PEC-tacular trapped in a Lumberjack Match?!

OVW Tag Team Champions The Fallen took months of Luscious Lawrence's life away earlier this year, now he and Omar Amir will look to take the OVW Tag Team Championships from them! Can this new duo battle to Hell and back?!

Kal Herro found a way to beat Luke Kurtis last week after fooling the Rush Champion in the Certified Open Challenge, can he do it again and prove he deserves a championship opportunity?

OVW official Jake Cloyd has crusaded against Freya The Slaya for weeks due to her previous actions. Now her "pale knight" OVW official Aaron Grider is looking to defend his girlfriend's honor. What will happen in this emotionally filled referee rumble?

All this and so much more stuffed into this year's Thanksgiving Thunder!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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