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Pillow FIghting Championship 2
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Andrew Vilma VS Zach Bugarin
"Drew Illa"    
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Matt Ross VS Danny Fallon
"Big Country"    
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Fight Card

Andrew Vilma 10 Zach Bugarin
"Drew Illa"  
Matt Ross 9 Danny Fallon
"Big Country"  
Reggie Newsome 8 Marcelo Golm-Bellator
Kristen Froehlich 7 Krystal Tait
  "Tiger Lilly"
Sam Dillion 6 Bruno Oliveira
Colton Cleveland 5 Vince Edme
"Colt 45"  
Markus Eicheimberg Perez 4 Phillip Aughinbaugh
  "The Dragon"
Dani Costalonga 3 Meriah Hall
Leo Alves 2 Oscar Rodriguez
Woodley Francois 1 Jona Smolka
  "The Maccabee"


On January 21st Pillow FIghting Championship 2 is live on FITE! The fight card has well over 13 matches and have Andrew Vilma aka "Drew Illa" vs Zach Bugarin as main event of the evening!

Expect event full of excitement, action and entertainment right here on FITE! Don't miss it!

Poster and Selected Action

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