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Premier MMA Championship 9
Justin Edwards vs Carlo Prater
Official PPV Replay

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    Premier MMA Championship -
  • Venue
    Hits Indoor Baseball, 3785 Lake Park Dr, Covington, KY 41017
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Main Event:
Former UFC Fighter Justin "Fast Eddy" Edwards vs Former UFC Fighter Carlo "Neo" Prater

David Rankin vs. Tobiaus Taylor
Taylor Ruscin vs. Tavae Lewis
Ilyaz Mamadaliyev vs. Cody Harris
Lucy Johnston vs. Melany Ward
Cody Riggs vs. Michael Russell
Kameron Williams vs. Perry Stargel
Alexander Caddell vs. Elder Ramirez
Alphonso Allen vs. Feraris Golden
Adriyel Lovelace vs. Hunter Erfman
Christian Clary vs. Cameron Taylor
Grant Waybright vs. Jake Easter


Poster and Selected Action

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