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Prestige FC 10
Official PPV Replay

* Available in United States
* Unlimited replay included


1. Robert Kovacevic 1-0 BLUE Vs Jason Cyprien 0-2 RED kickboxing 170lbs
2. Jay Whitford 0-0 BLUE Vs Allan Cardinal 0-1 RED MMA 155lbs
3. Skylar Sloan 1-0 Blue vs Samson Bieri 1-0 Red MMA 150lbs
4. Logan Heavy Sheilds 1-0 Blue Vs Lorenzo Celis 1-0 Red MMA 185lbs
5. Tom Deneve 2-0 Blue vs Scott Bouchard 1-0 Red MMA 155 lbs
6. Megan Rennie 1-0 BLUE Vs Kate Macdonald 2-1 RED MMA 140lbs
7. Regan Running Rabbit 2-1 BLUE Vs Mark Mosure 2-0 RED MMA 170lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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