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Pretender to Contender
Winner Takes All
Official Replay

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    Ellis Boxing 
  • Venue
    Melbourne Pavilion, Kensington, Australia
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Clay Smith VS Luke Packham
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  61% Votes 39%  
Matt Whyatt VS Josh Packham
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Fight Card

Clay Smith 25 Luke Packham
Matt Whyatt 24 Josh Packham
Bella Del Busso 23 Caterina Mammone
Jed Lamb 22 Adonis D'sa
Abe Tsimiklis 21 Roland Bradley
Ian Reyno 20 Damian Iazzoputo
Matt Davis 19 Jack Grattidge
Brock Heathcote 18 Jhye Wilkie
Vinnie Smart 17 Sandip Prahan
Brendan Sacco 16 Gary Ngyuen
Denzel Pietrse 15 Jarrod Kowalcyck
Noah Avsar 14 Hayden Stellini
Nicolas Plantamura 13 Phil Rigg
Frank Vulic 12 Ergin Coskun
Simba Chikanya 11 Anthony Farinacci
William Read 10 Ivan Marevic
Patrick Hong 9 Christian Salerno
Victor Micallef 8 Matt Mcdonald
Nathan Jarvis 7 Nathan Mcdonald
Jack Ferguson 6 Diego Fernandez
Jamie Merhi 5 Sarah Curzi
James Moulton 4 Cameron Burke
Daniel Pilcher 3 Nikhil Patil
Declan Storms 2 Brodie Brown
Alana Britt 1 Ebony Laferla


On May 14th Team Ellis present Pretender to Contender: Winner Takes All live on FITE! The fight card has well over 25 matches and will have Clay Smith vs Luke Packham as main event of the evening.

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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