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Pyramid Fight 1
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165 LB (CATCHWEIGHT) - Rudy McGlothlin (2-1) Barata MMA VS Joe Valadez (4-2) Without Limits MMA
155 LB (LIGHTWEIGHT) -Erasmo Garcia (Pro Debut) Westside MMA VS Trevor Anderson (Pro Debut) Lawrence County Boxing & BJJ

155 LB (LIGHTWEIGHT) Chris Sorrell (4-7) OTC vs AJ Cunningham (7-2) Without Limits MMA
185 LB (MIDDLEWEIGHT) Graig Miles (Debut) Sweeney's Vs Travis Cole (2-0) LDMA
145 LB (FEATHERWEIGHT) Blake Snow (7-3) Lawrence Co Boxing & BJJ vs Jose Zuniga (4-2) OTC
125 LB (FLYWEIGHT) Bryan Foster (1-1) Without Limits MMA vs Douglas Hurst (3-0) Barata
135 LB (BANTAMWEIGHT) Michael Walker (5-2) Westside Vs Brennan McKisick (3-0) OTC
160 LB (CATCHWEIGHT) James Whisenhunt (1-0) OTC vs Danil Martakov (Debut) Barata
275 LB (SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT) Joshua Woodrum (2-0) Fighter's Gym Vs Dexter Jenkins (Debut) Gravitas
125 LB (FLYWEIGHT) Alannah Reyes (Debut) Shodown MMA vs Kendal Holowell (Debut) Barata
165 LB (CATCHWEIGHT) Shane Anderson(1-1)BACB Vs Christian Manna(Debut) Without Limits MMA
145 LB (FEATHERWEIGHT) Colton Hamm (2-1) Shodown MMA vs Tim Ikehara (2-2) Intrepid
205 LB (LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT) Damon Mitchell (Debut) Cantrell MMA vs Dylan Goforth (1-0) Gravitas
155 LB (LIGHTWEIGHT) Brandon Sweeny (1-2) Sweeny's Vs Chris Vaughn (1-1) Without Limits MMA
145 LB (FEATHERWEIGHT) Devin Robinson (1-1) Shodown MMA vs CJ Moya (1-2) Barata

Poster and Selected Action

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