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Reality Fighting
Daniel Konrad vs Jesse James Kosakowski
Official Replay

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    Reality Fighting 
  • Venue
    Reality Fighting, Connecticut, CT, United States
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* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Fight #9 Daniel Konrad vs Jesse James Kosakowski Pro Fight - 170
Fight #8 Andre Belcarris vs Chris Disonell Pro Fight - 145
Fight #7 Armus Guyton vs Sean Evans Pro Fight - 185
Fight #6 Grace Nowak vs Marisa Messer-Belenchia Amateur Title Fight - 105
Fight #5 Tom Velasquez vs William Knight Pro Fight - 205
Fight #4 Justin Valentin vs Harris Bonfiglio Amateur Fight - 125
Fight #3 Jordan Riley vs Kenneth Rayside Amateur Fight - 145
Fight #2 Elias Morales vs Billy Goff Amateur Fight - 170
Fight #1 Robbie Thompson vsYuri Panferov Amateur Fight - 225

MATCH #17 Diogo Araujo vs Andrew Tevay
MATCH #16 Oz "The Wizard" Pariser vs John Manley
MATCH #15 Kirkor Papasian vs Tiago Alves
MATCH #14 - GI Chris Simmons vs Isaiah Iceman-Vicens
MATCH #13 Jeremy Reipold vs John Naples
MATCH #12 Cesar Alvan vs Spencer Smalley
MATCH #11 Keith Florian vs Marc Giove
MATCH #10 Erin "Fun Size" LaMonte vs Nicole Powers Shattuck
MATCH #9 - GI Luis Diaz vs Damian "Boneco Assassino" Ruffy
MATCH #8 Vinnie Brightman vs Frank "El Sodato" Latina
MATCH #7 David "Mike Hancho" Cabrera vs Brandon Polcare
MATCH #6 "Big" Mike Montgomery vs Jeremy Woolfolk
MATCH #5 "Pistol" Pete Jeffrey vs Chris Palmquist
MATCH #4 AJ Abate vs Michael MacGregor
MATCH #3 "Sexy John" Beecher vs Kirik "Jaguar" Jenness
MATCH #2 James Cook vs Jeff Roberts
MATCH #1 James Gillette vs Aaron Tevay

Poster and Selected Action

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