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    RIZIN Verified Publisher -
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    Saitama Super Arena , Japan, 〒330-9111 Saitama Prefecture, Saitama, Chuo Ward, Shintoshin
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Yusuke Yachi VS Mikuru Asakura
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Shintaro Ishiwatari VS Ulka Sasaki
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Fight Card

Yusuke Yachi 12 Mikuru Asakura
Shintaro Ishiwatari 11 Ulka Sasaki
Yuki Motoya 10 Hiromasa Ogikubo
Ivan Shtyrkov DRAW Hoon Kim
Taiga Kawabe 8 Hikaru Machida
Satoru Kitaoka 7 Johnny Case
Tatsuya Kawajiri 6 Ali Abdulkhalikov
Roberto de Souza 5 Mizuto Hirota
Jake Heun 4 Vitaly Shemetov
Seo Hee Ham 3 Tomo Maesawa
Reina Miura 2 Stephanie Egger
Daiki Watabe 1 Hideki


  • July 23, 2019

    An opinion piece by Ivan Spasov Editor-In-Chief at FITE.TV Let's talk Japanese MMA RIZIN 17 is on its way come July 28th and FITE.TV fans can sit back and watch what is shaping up to be a very interesting event. There are lots of things I want to talk about when it comes to the fight card, the lineup and the matches but firstly I want to step back and reflect on Japanese MMA for a second. When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts, Japan holds a very special place ...

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