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Coach John Kavanagh & SBG Ireland
The COT Finale
Official PPV Replay

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  • Channel
    W2W SBG 
  • Venue
    Retro Drive-in Movies Leopardstown, Dublin, Ireland
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On September 12th Coach John Kavanagh & SBG Ireland present The COT Finale live on FITE! Don't miss it!

Karl Stafford Vs Steen Thomsen
Niall Byrne Vs Victor Perez
Elaine Kearns Vs Elaine Gill
Ian O'Reilly Vs Brian Mullarkey
James Creegan vs Dave Saul
Patrick Radford Vs James Kavanagh

Keith Locke Vs Saddam Gul
Danny Casey Vs Alan Lanigan
Andy Murray Vs Anthony McCreery
Wayne Kilpatrick Vs David McCooey
Damien Murray vs Dave Carraher
Darragh Smith Vs Gavin Smith

Shane Cullen Vs Oisín Dolan
Monika Florczyk Vs Kelley Daly
Des Murphy Vs Richie O'Sullivan
Seamus Brady Vs Paddy Clarke
Wayne McCabe Vs Ben Dembele

Szymon Gajda Vs Darren Cunningham
Ross Cronin Vs Dwayne Reilly
John O'Brien Vs James Creegan
John Clancy Vs Mark Crabbe
Pierce James Vs Rian Flaherty

Poster and Selected Action

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