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Madalin Mogos VS Andrei Chekhonin
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Daniel Manole VS Sergej Braun
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Fight Card

Madalin Mogos 10 Andrei Chekhonin
Daniel Manole 9 Sergej Braun
Milos Bajovic 8 Bogdan Shumarov
Alin Cimpan 7 Atanas Bozhilov
Nikola Todorovic 6 Eduard Alexanyan
Harry Hill 5 Nikolay Yorgov
Jean Paul Jacquot 4 Merey Suyunov
Andrew Turland 3 Petar Stoykov
Omar Magomedov 2 Dragomir Petrov
Nurlhan Sadvokassov 1 Daniel Getsov


SENSHI 6 is on FITE and features 10 spectacular fights. SENSH is one of the most prominent and fastest growing martial arts fighting organizations and it's next event SENSHI 6 is on August 21st at 12:00pm ET. The fight card includes well noun fighters from all over the world. Kickboxing and karate champions from Russia, Kazakhstan, England, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia will show amazing techniques and extreme fights by the most attractive rule sets.

There will be 10 matches and 8 are for title belts of SENSHI's. They will be played by the rules of KWU SENSHI and KWU Full Contact. The difference between the two styles is that in KWU SENSHI fighters can demonstrate more various techniques which include elbow strikes, throws, only one knee to the head with two hands grip, active clinch 5 seconds and sweeps. The other three fights will be by the K-1 rules.

Once again the legendary kickboxing trio – K-1 champions and professional instructors of KWU's International Professional League Semmy Schild, Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts will be special guests at SENSHI's event. Shihan Alexandr Pichkounov and the Chairman of KWU's International Professional League - Shihan Ivo Kamenov will be our special guests, too.

SENSHI 6 will take place in one of Bulgaria's seaside resorts, under the starts. Don't miss the amazing fights on August 21st at 12 pm ET live on FITE!

Poster and Selected Action

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