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Shoot Interview with AJ Styles


When you hear the name AJ Styles you only think of one word and that is "Phenomenal". For the first time ever AJ Styles takes the RF VIDEO hot seal for this explosive 4 hour shoot interview that covers his entire wrestling career to date with some very revealing details never covered anywhere else until now. AJ Styles talks about his early days in the business working the indy scene in GA and how he developed his in ring skills while working the circuit before eventually ending up in NWA Wildside which was some of his earliest TV exposure. This exposure got him signed to WCW in 2001, but it was a short run, as WCW would quickly go out of business some time soon after. AJ discusses what it was like to work in front of major crowds on TV and than be back on the indy scene once again.


Shoot Interview with AJ Styles

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