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SparStar MMA
Saturday Night, May 21st
Official Free Replay

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*Replay starts on May 22 7:00 PM EDT


Fight Card:
Carlos Morales vs. Alexis Esquivel
Brandon Spencer vs. Rudy Marroquin
Dillon Bartram vs. Fabian Lopez
Ricardo Flemate vs. Charles Young
Robert white vs. Michael Mazariego
Marcos Hernandez vs. Luis Rodriguez
Chris Reyes vs. Matthew Gomez
Baron LLOYD vs. Antonio Lopez
B. Kris Law vs. James Clay
Alfonso Lopez vs. Kristofferson Esguerra
Sean Crenshaw vs. Carlos Chavez
Chelsey White vs. Oneida Diaz
Veronica Meza vs. Marylin Petrove
Kris Calmes vs. Kevin Vazquez
Fernando Rojas vs. Santino (Sonny) Ashton
Joseph Dorado vs. Samuel Flores
Joseph Dorado vs. Samuel Flores
Benji Uzowuru vs. Konye Agbahiwe
Natalya Speece vs. Selena Lorigo
Jovan Williamson vs. Yaskin Solano


Poster and Selected Action

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