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Stand Up Warriors 19
PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
    Oct 17, 8PM ET/5PM PT
  • Genres
  • Channel
    Stand Up Warriors -
  • Venue
    Classic City Center, The CCC, 3375 Co Rd 427, Waterloo, IN 46793, USA
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Fight card:
Tyger Banks vs. Cody Scheive
Jason Fann vs. Khetag Pliev

Ryan Bond vs. Khalil Robertson
Tny Donovic vs. Andrew Beaver
Javon Brooks vs. Jon Crocello

Bryan Gonzalez vs. Jakeith Coston
Grag Caryer vs. Brian Szytkiel
Stone Lanstra vs. Zach Lovely
Mike Nuyen vs. Youseff Hachimy
Devon Reed vs. Ben Burlea
Sky Goodin vs Joshua Leak
Aaron Gifford vs Altin Alvarez
James Gryant vs Hector Orelleana
David Carrol vs Lee Shamily
Paul Burkes vs Ronald Burtan


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